Expert Commercial Building Automation

Empowering you to take control of your facility’s performance, energy efficiency, and comfort with cutting-edge building automation solutions.

Cutting-edge Building Automation Solutions

Our cutting-edge building automation solutions redefine how you manage your facility. Powered by Automated Logic’s WebCTRL® system, we provide seamless control and monitoring of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, security, and life safety systems. This intelligent system learns about the environment’s needs over time and evaluates the information to maintain optimal conditions. Our time-lapse graphics, 3D equipment visuals, and thermographic floor plans give you unprecedented insight and control into energy conservation, operational efficiency, and problem identification. We handle every aspect of your commercial building automation solutions — engineering, design, training, implementation, and ongoing support.

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Energy Management

Unmatched 3D Visuals to Quickly See Your Energy Performance

At Automated Technologies, we revolutionize building management with our unrivaled 3D visuals. Our 3D equipment graphics and thermographic floor plans offer an intricate, real-time view of your facility’s energy performance. These visual tools go beyond traditional building automation systems, providing a tangible, intuitive way to interact with your facility’s systems.

With our 3D visuals, you can monitor and optimize your building systems. Identify energy inefficiencies, pinpoint operational issues, and make data-driven decisions for energy conservation. Whether overseeing an entire floor or inspecting individual components, the ease of operation ensures you navigate the system with speed and precision.

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Versatile Screen Displays to Access Your Performance Anywhere

At Automated Technologies, we understand the importance of flexibility and accessibility in modern building management. That’s why we offer versatile screen displays, ensuring you can access your facility’s performance from anywhere at any time. Our platform allows you to monitor and control your building systems from a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

With our versatile screen displays, you can stay connected to your facility’s building systems while on the go. Whether you’re an on-site facilities manager or a remote operator, our system ensures you have real-time insights at your fingertips. You can schedule equipment operations, respond to demand fluctuations, and set up system alerts. This level of control empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize energy usage, and ensure the comfort and safety of your occupants, no matter where you are.

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Our Expertise At Your Fingertips for Increased Service Efficiency

At Automated Technologies, we prioritize service excellence. With our comprehensive skill set in building automation, we offer you more than just state-of-the-art technology. Our team excels in executing every stage of the project, including design, engineering, programming, installation, start-up, commissioning, and ongoing service. Our customers thoroughly appreciate our responsiveness, knowledge of their facility, and ongoing support even after project completion.

Our goal is to ensure your facility’s systems run seamlessly, and with Automated Technologies, you have a trusted partner whose expertise is readily available to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your building’s automation systems.

Explore our comprehensive building automation solutions today for efficient, intelligent facilities management. Our expertise spans the spectrum of commercial buildings, serving a wide range of industries, including data centers, K-12 and higher education institutions, healthcare facilities, commercial offices, and more. We understand that each industry has its unique needs and challenges, and our tailored solutions are designed to address these specific requirements.

Whether you’re in the education sector, healthcare, or any other industry, our goal is to provide you with the most efficient and intelligent facilities management solutions available. Learn all about our solutions and contact us for more information.

Joel Seela, Director of Facilities, Alexandria Technical & Community College

“Automated Technologies has been a very good support for us. They’ve been quick to respond and available to help us either remotely or on-site if needed. And also helped us with some of the enhancements with the software as we are slowly refining how it operates.”